Company Outline & Milestone

Company Milestone

Before 2005   Komatsu Asia Pacific Indonesia Representative Office
2005   Establishment of PT. Komatsu Marketing and Support Indonesia (KMSI)
  • KMSI Operational Kick Off
  • Jakarta and Balikpapan Parts Depot Operation were started.
  • Spare parts whole seller.
2007   Operation of Industrial Machinery Department (Jakarta) and Balikpapan Service Support Center were started.
2013   Unit whole seller.
2014   Operation of Banjarmasin Parts Depot and Service Support were started.
2015   Operation of Palembang Parts Depot and Pekanbaru Service Support Point were started.
  • IMD (Jakarta) move operation to Cibitung, West Java.
  • Operation of NTC was started in Cibitung, West Java.
  • Unit whole seller, include KI model.
  • Balikpapan Branch Operation established.
  • Balikpapan new office.
2020   New Warehouse of Palembang Depot were started operation.