FWD 875



13,975 Kg

Operating Weight

88 HP

Power Engine

0.55 m³

Bucket Capacity





  • The engine’s performance corresponds closely with the stringent demands placed on a large, efficient forwarder, both in terms of high capacity and low environmental impact
  • Well-proven common rail technology with high fuel injection pressure and injection control
  • The Stage 4 Final engine delivers high engine power, high torque, lower emissions and low fuel consumption


  • Tractive force of 214 kN provides all the power required, and the unique interaction between engine, control system and transmission makes it exceptionally manoeuvrable in all situations
  • The Komatsu 875 provides its highest torque at low engine speeds and automatically adapts to changes in engine load due to terrain, obstacles, inclines and crane loads
  • The result is maximised productivity and benefit from every ounce of horsepower and every litre of diesel


  • The Komatsu 875 has a large bunk characterised by its flexibility and many options
  • One is FlexGate, the gate that improves visibility and flexes out of the way if struck by the crane. This simplifies loading and minimises the risk of machine damage
  • Another is FlexBunk, which with its hydraulic height-adjustable stakes and option to widen the bunk provides a high load capacity


  • The cab is spacious with plenty of legroom and numerous storage solutions
  • The feeling of volume inside the cab is striking
  • The large windows offer fantastic visibility upwards, downwards and to the sides, making crane operation easier
  • The cab has a low noise level and a driver’s seat that offers superb comfort and a large working range


  • Servicing and maintenance are quickly and easily conducted
  • All daily servicing can be performed from ground level via easily accessible service hatches and the dipsticks are quickly and easily checked
  • When the time comes for a service, the hood is electrically powered and the filters are located together for easy access under the hood



Model Komatsu SAA6D125E-5 - AGCO Power, 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbo and intercooler. Fulfils the requirements of EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 Final  
Type 74-AWF  
Piston displacement 7.4 L  
Power Max.  185 kW DIN (248 HP) at 1,900 rpm  
Torque 1,100 Nm at 1,500 rpm  
Fuel Tank 210 L  
AdBlue Tank 35 L  




Single-circuit load-sensing system with variable piston pump

Flow   360 l/min at 2,000 rpm
Hydraulic Oil Tank    150 L
Others :    
Pressure filter for hydrostatic circuit    
Dual return oil filters for hydrostatic and working hydraulics    
Hydraulic oil level warning    



Type Fully hydraulic multi-disc brakes. Hydraulic accumulator charging valve  
Driving brakes Multi-disc brakes in oil bath  
Working brake Automatically engaged when working  
Parking brake Spring-action brake with electro-hydraulic control, Emergency brake  
Braking performance Conforms to ISO 11169 and VVFS 2003:17  



Type   Spacious and bright with very good visibility. Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Conforms to ISO 8082 (ROPS), ISO 8083 (FOPS) and ISO 8084 (OPS)
  • Alternative cab that also conforms to WCB OPS G603
  • Ergonomically designed with headrest, armrests, hand controllers and waist safety belt
  • Seat column with 0-180-degree working range
Windows Polycarbonate in side windows and rear window.
  • Polycarbonate in side windows and rear window
  • Polycarbonate in all windows (optional)
Braking performance   Conforms to ISO 11169 and VVFS 2003:17
Noise level   In compliance with ISO standard
Vibrations   In compliance with ISO standard
  • Windscreen wipers and washers on front and rear windows
  • Fire extinguisher, 2 kg (standard in EEA countries in compliance with EU Directive 2006/42/EC)



Model 8 WD  
Gross load 16,000 kg  
Bunk area 4.7-6.4 m2 depending on options and market  
Load bunks Mounted on runners, movable  
Load gate Komatsu FlexGate; hydraulic, flexible, fullheight gate in fixed or hydraulically manoeuvrable  
Available options Bunk widening, hydraulic height-adjustable stakes, coupled first load bunk with gate  



Type Hydraulic articulated joint with two dual-acting hydraulic cylinders  
Joystick steering Load-sensing (LS) proportional steering with steering rocker  
Steering wheel Load-sensing (LS) proportional servo  
Steering angle ±42°  



Crane 130F 145F
Reach 8.0/10.0 m 8.5/10.0 m
Lifting torque 127 kNm 145kNm
Slewing torque 28.7 kNm 38.0 kNm
Rotator G121/G141 ProTec and slew dampened link 145kNm
Grapple Komatsu G28 Komatsu G36
Crane tip ProTec  
Option ProTec scale, crane scale 38.0 kNm



Voltage 24 V  
Battery capacity 2 x 180 Ah  
Alternator 2 x 100 A  
  • Numerous working lights on cab/crane (LED/halogen)
  • Articulated joint lighting (LED)
  • Road lighting forward and rearward (halogen).



  • NONE


  • NONE