AR50 Series



1,000 - 1,800 Kg

Rated Capacity


Engine Power



Excellent stability, safety and drive performance

  • Komatsu center drive system is the key to safe and secure operation
  • The new mast has the best rigidity in its class
  • High gripping performance ensures positive traction
  • The accelerator neutral regeneration function allows quick and fi ne control of the machine

Komatsu technologies reduce operating costs

  • AC motor features high effi ciency and low operating cost
  • Large drive tyre ensures excellent stability
  • PC-based setup in which fi ner adjustment and setup are available
  • Battery front removal structure reduces workloads and maintenance costs

Advanced Komatsu technologies for satisfaction both safety and operator’s comfort

  • The Operator Presence Sensing system stops travel and lifting when operator is absent
  • Reliable emergency switch to prepare for emergencies
  • Automatic power off function prevents wasting of battery power
  • Designs to reduce burden of operator

Various devices to support high level of work effi ciency and safety

  • Easy- and light-to-operate controls
  • Devices to improve safety (optional)
  • Performance property setup function
  • Ergonomic Combination Lever



RL Type


The RL type employs Komatsu's Original Center Drive System and ensures excellent gripping force, even on slippery surfaces. The design keeps residual capacity high and realizes stable drive performance and powerful work

FB10RLF/FB13RLF/FB15RLF/FB18RLF (Cold-storage Models)

Cold-storage models are designed to operate at temperatures down to -350, these models are also suited for operation at room temperature. Major features for Cold-storage Models :

  • Controller cover
  • Special hydraulic oil and grease
  • Anti-corrosive coating

RW Type


The RW type employs a suspension system, which greatly reduces vibration and shocks when traveling on uneven floors or over gaps. It gives greater stability during unloaded turns and ensures excellent maneuverability on any worksite.