AC Servo Motor Drive


500 kN



Driving with the AC servo motor and ball screw achieves depth repeatability suited to ultra-precision bending.

The ram is driven by high torque servo motor and ball screw. No oil is used to eliminate the effect of heat generation, which can realize both high precision repeatability and energy saving. This is the press brake highly recommended for precision forming.


PAS-3 Series


Improved operability and design of the control panel

  • By changing a large-size numeric keypad, inputs without mistakes. And can check the input values quickly
  • The size of buttons and words has been changed to the best size for touch input
  • The screen layout has been desighned easy to see
  • The buttons and icons has been desighned for easy to understand,and three dimensional
  • By Gloria Blue design, it expresses calmness and Komatsu brand.

Improved Bendhing Accuracy

  • Driven by a high-torque servo motor and ball screw
  • Ultra solid ram, bending angle is stable that bending length is chenged. Reduce adjustment in long bending length process.

Improved Productivity and Energy Saving

  • High torque servomotor enables both lower limit stop precision at the micron accuracy level and short cycle operation.
  • The servo motor directly drives the ball screw, which improves energy efficiency compared with conventional hydraulic drive systems. No hydraulic components are used, which makes the machine maintenance-free (no requirement of oil change).

Greater Safty

Three position foot pedal

The tablet simulator (option) improves operability.

  • The tablet simulator (option) has bending CAM.It can be used in front of the machine and in other scene.
  • The tablet simulator (option) can create and modify bend data on inline and offline.
  • Sync mode:Can create and change bending data at the site. and can bend while checking 3D simulator
  • Independent mode:Removing the tablet simulator even while using the machine, can create and simulate bending data while viewing drawings at offices and other sites.

Easy operation for punch changing. It shortens time to charge punches

  • Clamp & Unclamp by Lever
  • Bevel shot protocts punches from dropping
  • Separate punches attached & removed up-and-down by Slide mechanism
  • Bending angle is automatically adjusted by Laser Beam used and non-contacted type bending sensor
  • It can be shortened set up time with adjustment of bending angle by no influence of material deference.




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