Giving Consistence Qualty is The Best Protection For Your Machine

  • Modern mining and construction equipment incorporates state of the art technology that requires advanced filtration to maximize performance and reliability. Komatsu e-Genuine Filters consists of fuel filters, air filters, oil filters and hydraulic filters. Designed to meet Komatsu’s high factory specifications.
  • Benefit using Genuine Filter
  • Higher capacity and efficiency than other brands
  • Komatsu’s engine oil filters on current engines are a combination of full flow and bypass filters
  • Komatsu Pre fuel filter Includes water separator
  • using the best basic ingredients and environmentally friendly
  • Komatsu Genuine Oil are engineered to the same high specifications you’ve come to expect from your Komatsu equipment. Made from premium base stocks blended with unique additives, these oils are designed with good heat stability to provide superior performance in all Komatsu machines with good heat stability can extend the use of parts. We have 3 type of oil such as Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Axle Oil, and Powertrain Oil.
  • Coolant selection has significant implications. The life of your engine and radiator heavily depends on which coolant you select. It is important to use genuine products to provide long life protection from corrosion, cavitation, and other possible problems. Komatsu Super Coolant is designed with advanced technology which provides superior protection to all parts of the cooling system.
  • The hydraulic hose system on your Komatsu equipment is a critical element in the efficient and safe operation of your machine. That’s why it is essential to only use Komatsu Genuine Hose.
  • Komatsu Genuine hose assemblies are available for all repair and maintenance needs. Genuine hose assemblies are the exact replacement option for hose assemblies installed on new equipment. Hoses must be capable of handling extreme ressures and temperature extremes to ensure proper machine function.
  • Battery is a very important source of electricity to start the engine and perform several functions from other parts. Komatsu presents stable and strong electric power makes the unit operate very well with a high level of productivity.
  • Komatsu has a full offering of batteries, from small to large capacity, which are suitable for all types of equipment. They are specifically designed for durability and power.
  • Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are a critical element in successful earth moving and excavating and one of the most expensive parts. Whether you are digging, loading, pushing or ripping, Komatsu offers a range of cost effective GET solutions for all types of applications.
  • Komatsu offers GET solutions to suit an array of applications. Komatsu has various  types of GET that can be used according to working conditions. By using Komatsu Genuine GET, you will get several benefits including :

- Easy Installation & replacement process

- Perfect protection on your bucket

- Longer service life

  • Modern excavators are extremely powerful, allowing you to tackle even the most challenging materials. The front line protecting your excavator and helping you achieve your goals is the Komatsu bucket. Komatsu buckets and G.E.T. are specifically designed for your excavator and application
  • Komatsu Hydraulic Breaker as attachment provides superior impact energy for exceptional performance in a variety of rock and concrete demolition applications. The high impact power of the breaker is conveyed through a combination of hydraulic energy and nitrogen gas

Komatsu Modern excavators are used Common Rail Injector system which is have a modular design. Each system consists of a high-pressure pump, injectors, a rail, and an electronic control unit.

Komatsu Genuine Injector has advantage such as Highly efficient fuel injection, main of pilot and post injections increase the efficiency of fuel combustion, the injection into each cylinder can be a quick injection stop, also closing hydraulically

Komatsu Genuine Turbocharger are typically installed on excavators, loaders, diesel generators and industrial equipment.

Compressor housing : Forms air inlet and outlet for compressor wheel.

CHRA : Support axial and radial loads from the compressor and turbine to maintain wheel to housing clearance.

Turbine housing : Forms exhaust inlet and outlet for turbine wheel

Alternator has an important role in the charging system of a unit. Charging System is used to restore the battery condition so that it is always ready for use. This is because the battery capacity may not be used continuously.

Komatsu Genuine Alternator Is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in the form of alternating current.

Komatsu Genuine Starting Motor device used to rotate (crank) an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power.

Starting Motor functions to convert the energy flowed from the battery into motion energy (power), where the energy of motion (power in the form of rotation) is used to rotate the crankshaft for the first time so that the engine can run its work cycle.

Komatsu Genuine Water Pump is low pressure and large capacity used in engine cooling system. Water pump is used to circulate the water into the cooling system and is usually placed on the front of the engine (adjacent to the radiator).

Komatsu Genuine Fuel Supply Pump is the high-pressure pump compresses the fuel and supplies it in the required quantity. It constantly feeds fuel to the high-pressure reservoir (rail), thereby maintaining the system pressure.

Komatsu is committed to reducing the machine life cycle costs (LCC), improving machine availability and reducing machine downtime by delivering a full line of high-quality and reliable remanufactured components.

Komatsu Reman components are guaranteed like-new performance, it’s returned to their original specifications using state-of-the-art salvage technology. Our remanufactured component are produced in Komatsu owned factories with reasonable cost and timely manner achieving customer satisfaction.


By utilizing Reman and returning your old/failed component you can save up to 50% or more the cost of a new component.


Along with cost saving comes a significant reduction in machine down time. Down time is reduced to the time it takes to remove the failed component and install the Reman component.


Your decision to use a Reman component is not only good for your business but also represents a positive gesture to the environment, as the remanufacturing process involves the salvaging of raw materials, which significantly reduces waste

Since 1997, Komatsu through affiliation company produced certified remanufactured products of Komatsu machinery major components to support domestic customer demand on high quality remanufacturing component.

With the support of Komatsu’s global design and manufacturing organization, we can ensure that every remanufactured product is built to Komatsu’s unique global engineering specifications and will provide like-new performance for your Komatsu machine from our Balikpapan and Cibitung plant.

Remanufactured to Factory Specifications

Komatsu offers multiple engine options to match the condition of your machine and your current situation.

Critical engine upgrades are installed along with the new bearings, seals, gaskets, pistons, piston rings, and O-rings. With long life time of remanufactured engine until 20,000 hours, you can get better LCC of your machine

Available reman engine products :


Leading in Durability and Performance

Your Komatsu remanufactured transmission / torque flow will perform “like-new” to meet the performance requirements for your Komatsu machine.

Seals, O-rings, bearings, and other critical components are replaced with new Komatsu parts. With 18,000 hours target remanufactured component life time, you can save machine down time to increase your machine availability

Available reman transmission products :

Performance in the Most Challenging Conditions

These specialized remanufactured final drive and differential efficiently convert torque to traction, allowing your Komatsu machine to travel under the most challenging ground conditions encountered on the job site.

Seals, gaskets, bearings and O-rings are replaced with new Komatsu parts with 18,000 hours targeted component life time

Specialized Cylinder Remanufacturing

Komatsu offers multiple cylinder reman options to match the needs of customer situation: exchange the complete cylinder assembly for a fast turn-around; or choose to exchange the cylinder rod or cylinder barrel as an even lower cost alternative.

Hydraulic cylinders are disassembled and fully inspected. Rods, barrels and cylinder assemblies are then remanufactured to current Komatsu specifications. All wear and sealing items are replaced with new parts

High Quality Pumps and Motors Remanufacturing

Komatsu hydraulic pumps and motors are remanufactured in a positive air-pressure and temperature-controlled, clean-room environment in order to meet strict cleanliness requirements.

These specialized remanufactured components perform at extremely tight Komatsu engineering tolerances and high operating pressures and will deliver performance and reliability equal to the original components

Komatsu Certified Machine Rebuild (KCMR) is available for machines: Dump-Truck HD785-7 & HD465-7R.

Returned the built-in value of your machine to maximize performance such as brand new machine:

  • Maximum productivity
  • Cost – effective
  • Improve reliability and durability
  • Similar to new – machine warranty and power train coverage
  • Focus on returning of value your equipment investment
  • Machine like new appearance
  • Profitable resale value

The Advantages
The extensive Komatsu Certified Machines Rebuild program incorporates the very latest critical engineering updates into your machine at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

  • Inspections Bench Test
  • Disassembly
  • Fabrication Repair
  • Engineering Adjustment
  • Reassembly
  • Performance Test
  • Repainting