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Extend Warranty

PMP plus is a periodic maintenance program every 500Hrs conducted by certified UT-Mechanic which created by UT-Komatsu as an answer to give the best for our customer. By joining this  program many benefits you wil get such as, mechanic visit to see tour machine condition,  monitoring  your machine using KOMTRAX etc. As the result of maintain our customer at highest level.

Service Program

Customer Maintenance Improvement Program (CMIP)

CMIP is Improve customer maintenance literacy by CMIP activity to understand advantage of maintenance include using KOMATSU genuine parts.


- All customer PMP will get CMIP Program, But not only for PMP customer, Our CMIP target for all customer in Indonesia.

Benefit :

  • Improve customer knowledge about their machine
  • Help customer to maintain their unit well
  • To make customer machine keeping high performance
  • Make customer machine has a long life-time

Customer Operation Improvement Program (COIP)

Activity observation with scoring to improve  machine operation and productivity such as operator skill and working area.


- All customer PMP will get COIP Program, But not only for PMP customer, Our COIP target for all customer in Indonesia.

Benefit :

  • Improve customer knowledge about their machine
  • Help customer to using machine efficient
  • To make productivity more efficient
  • To make better working area for productivity machine

Komatsu Technology

KOMTRAX is Komatsu machine tracking system using technology developed by Komatsu to remotely monitor and control unit. KOMTRAX based digital technology, safe, easy to use.

KOMTRAX - Komatsu Machine Tracking System

KOMTRAX is Komatsu’s state of the art wireless monitoring system. It gives you an easy way to track your machines, monitor the location, health and performance of every machine in your fleet – whether a single machine or hundreds of units. Komatsu machines owners can access KOMTRAX from laptop, tablet and other mobile devices


KOMTRAX Plus is advanced technology for monitoring large sized equipment (mining and production). KOMTRAX Plus (formerly VHMS) provides the means to remotely monitor the health of major components using Telemetry Technology (Satellite) on equipped Mining and Production class machines, enabling the evaluation of the machine’s condition and operations. Owners can access KOMTRAX Plus from laptop.

Benefit for Customer

Asset Management

  • Prevent machine theft
  • Provide history of machine usage

Operator Management

  • Monitor operator activity and working hours
  • Prevent machine abuse

Operational Management

  • Monitor operating status and machine location

Fleet Management

  • Provide operation fleet status
  • Simplify equipment maintenance setup
  • Simplify operator and mechanic arrangements


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IMD Service and Parts


Since March 30, 2018, we have lounch the EXHIBITION area, where to support machine sales and after-sales service. we have placed the demo of Komatsu machines that could be showed directly the Komatsu engine performance to the potential customers.

Machine Exhibition

Servo Press H1F 200 & ORII Feeder PVS 1353


We have prepared a training area to scale up our IMD service members (internal), and for maintenance members (customers). Training includes :

  • Safety press operation
  • Daily press maintenance
  • Yearly preventive maintenance
  • Main parts (Clutch) over haul (Internal)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Safety DOJO

All press components have their life (fatigue and degradation). Using beyond the life may cause unintended machine failure or unexpected accident

Solution :

  • Especially keep those parts that require long lead time and frequent replacement including such consumables as oil filters etc.
  • For avoiding a sudden machine stop, it is important to prepare for risks through preventive maintenance and retrofitting in accordance with increased operation hours.

 Benefit :

  • Maintaining "safety," "quality," and "accuracy" for longer machine life.
  • Avoiding sudden machine failures to realize higher operation rates.
  • Reducing damage from failures through periodical parts replacement

Critical Parts :

  • We provide critical parts to support the continuity of customer machine operations.

Genuine Komatsu Parts designed and build exclusively for Komatsu machine :

  • Such parts that are especially important for safety as the Clutch Brake, bearings, shaft etc. are strictly controlled specifying from the point of safety performance. “ Genuine Komatsu parts “ are used to secure desired durability and reliability.

Abundant parts inventories for servicing as the manufacturer :

  • We maintain parts inventories that are especially important for security. We also keep such parts that we have request many times.

We have our own inspection items for minimizing unexpected troubles :
To lower risks of delivery delays to clients because of an unforeseen accident as much as possible.
Some of the unforeseen accidents may take long time before they are recovered.

Solution :

  • We propose an early countermeasure or a permanent repair plan.
  • We service using the remote monitoring system (KOMTRAX) that makes operation and alarm information commonly available.
  • We propose a periodical inspection menu to keep your valuable machine in a best condition.

 Benefit :

  • "Safety," "quality" and "accuracy" are resumed for long term machine operation.
  • Repair and improvement can be done as planned in minimized costs and shortest down period.
  • You can get added value of improved function.
  • Keeping your machine in best condition will connect you with benefit

Secure Preventive Maintenance  only a manufacturer can provide :

  • We support client by explaining result of our diagnosis to their full understanding, by proposing plans to keep the machine in best condition and by responding to their requests in repair procedures.

We undertake employee training on operation, safety, maintenance and others that may be hard to do by yourself : 

  • Handling used machines
  • Training new operators
  • Legally required training
  • Training on safety
  • Textbooks for training
  • Training overseas employees

Solution :

  • Komatsu shall dispatch instructors to meet your requirement.
  • Instructions are based on the instruction manual and will include daily maintenance.
  • We provide Maintenance Training Promotion (free) for our customer base on our schedule.

 Benefit :

  • To prevent injuries and machine failures that wrong handling may cause.
  • To reduce accidents that wrong safety knowledge may cause.
  • To reduce sudden operation interruption by performing daily maintenance.
  • To prevent low productivity that an unexpected operator change may cause.

Continuing safe and secure operation :

  • Komatsu’s priority has been safety. Accumulated tools in its long experience and activity, such as risk assessment procedures, KYM (Kiken-Yochi-Meeting, or risk foreseeing meeting), Safety Induction, etc. are used to keep up with safer and securer operation directing to the points for securing safety.

Failure of a component that is no longer produced now will lead to a long term machine stop. We propose to preliminarily remodel such machine for continuing stable production : 

  • Long term machine stop is a disaster
  • A component of discontinued version is on the machine and cannot be repaired
  • Don't know if a component of discontinued version is on the machine
  • Machine stop due to a degraded electric equipment
  • Sudden stop by an accident

Solution :

  • You can replace with the newest press controller that can be installed with the "KOMTRAX" to get hold of operation conditions 24 hours a day.
  • Whenever we come to know, we will inform the users about the discontinued production on our visit or by mail.
  • Renewal of entire control system is possible to includes "controller," "PLC" and "safety equipment.".

 Benefit :

  • You can make various machine information visualize
  • You can avoid lowered productivity and late delivery time.
  • Planned replacement will reduce costs.
  • The SIT-4 type is the currently used controller and standardized parts are used.
    - Improved safety :
  • Renewal of entire control makes conformity possible with the Safety and Sanitation Law and the Structural Standards.
    - Additional Function :
  • Various additional functions can be selected and added with replacing the control

Failur diagnosis and proposal :

  • On replacement our professional person who has experienced many replacement of the controller will respond to your requirement to apply most suitable improvement. This will be your ideal product made to order by the experienced, professional engineer.