Company Orientation Of K Odp

As one of the continuous programs of new employee at KMSI, K-ODP FY2019 start the Company Orientation after completing the Induction Training at KI combined with the participant of KI orientation program (called NEDP). The agenda of Company Orientation began on Wednesday/ October 23, 2019 with the opening ceremony which attended by KMSI Committee as Management representative and Managerial.

Bapak Emil Rahadian as Director gave direction to all participants to stay energized, focused, and maintain their health, remembering the agenda that will last for 7 effective working days ahead. The agenda that was started with showing videos during the activities of the participants in KI then continued with self introduction session from each participant to the entire audience.

As long as the company orientation program’s running, the participant had a wonderful experiences and opportunities to know deeply about the KMSI Business Process in general, the primary function of each Department, and also the knowledges also insights about the United Tractors and group as a supply chain of KMSI business flow. Finally, on Thursday afternoon/ October 31, 2019, the agenda was closed by closing ceremony and great performance from each participant. HR Development section also announce the best participant and best facilitator before deliver some rewards to the winner and runner up.

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