FH Series



4,000 - 5,000 Kg

Rated Capacity


Engine Power



Superior Fuel Economy

  • New forklift trucks built upon Komatsu's unique hydraulic and control technologies
  • Reduced CO2 emission
  • Travel system: Komatsu’s unique hydraulic drive system “Electronically-controlled HST”
  • Variable engine output control function
  • Auto engine shutdown function

Controllability & Safety

  • Smooth directional changes without releasing
  • Controlled rolling back on a ramp
  • Shock-free shifting
  • Travel speed limiter
  • Neutral start function
  • Less inching pedal use means reduced operator fatigue

Durability & Reliability

  • High-quality and reliable Komatsu components
  • Heavy-duty sealed wet disc brakes
  • Improved engine starting performance
  • Enhanced brake reliability

Information & Communication (ICT)

  • KOMTRAX as equipment to obtain machine operating information




  • EPA Tier4 Interim and EU stage 3A compliant diesel engine
  • Heavy duty high pressure common rail system
  • Air to air change air cooling system
  • Sedimenter with priming pump
  • Cyclone air cleaner, double element
  • Electronic engine control system
  • Auto engine shutdown function
  • Variable displacement pump with CLSS (Closed-center Load Sensing System)
  • Parking brake with release button
  • Overhead guard with front/rear conduits
  • Rear view mirror (center)
  • Neutral start function
  • Speed limiter function
  • Operator's seat with suspension
  • Fully hydrostatic power steering
  • Tiltable steering column
  • Engine coolant temperature gauge
  • Halogen headlamps & rear combination lamps with bulb
  • Fornt & rear tire, pneumatic
  • 1220mm Standard Fork


  • NONE