20,670 Kg

Operating Weight

200 HP


6,83 m³

Blade Capacity


High Productivity Dozer  with lock-up torque converter, large angle blade and excelent skidding ability.



  • The Komatsu S6D125E-2 diesel engine
  • High capacity Straight tilt dozer
  • Komatsu Torqflow transmission


  • Modular Designed Power Train Units
  • Flat Bottom Frame
  • Sturdy Design
  • Tough Undercarriage
  • Low Drive and Long Track Undercarriage

Operator Compartment

  • Low Noise Design
  • Three-stage Height Adjustable Armrests
  • Hexagonal Pressurized Cab (Optional)
  • Easy-to-operate Work Equipment Control Lever
  • Electronic Monitoring System (Optional)

Easy Maintenence

  • Wet Multiple-disc Brake
  • Oil Pressure Checking Ports (Optional)
  • Gull-wing Engine Side Covers
  • Coolant Reservoir



Model   Komatsu S6D125E-2
Type   4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration   Turbocharged
Number of cylinders   6
Bore   125 mm
Stroke   150 mm
Piston displacement   11,04 L
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 - Net 149 kW 200 HP
Rated rpm   1950 min-1
Fan drive type   Mechanical 
Governor   All-speed, Mechanical


Torqflow Transmission

Komatsu's automatic  TORQFLOW transmission consists of water-cooled,3-element, 1-stage, 1-phase torque converter and a planetary gear,multiple-disc clutch transmission which is hydraulically actuated and force-lubricated for optimum heat dissipation. Joystick control of gears (3 forward and 3 reverse) and directional steering changes.Gearshift lock lever and neutral safety switch  prevent accidental starts.

Final Drives

Double-reduction final drives of spur-gear and planetary gears to minimize transmission of shocks to power train components.Segmented sprocket are bolt-on for easy in-the-field replacement.

Steering System

Joystick controls for all directional movements. Pushing the joystick forward results in forward machine travel, while pulling it rearward reverses the machine. Simply tilt the joystick to the left to make a left turn. Tilt it to the right for a right turn. Wet, multiple-disc steering clutches are hydraulically loaded and hydraulically released.Wet, multiple-disc brakes are spring-actuated and hydraulically released.Steering brakes also function as service and parking brakes.Minimum turning radius : 3.4 m


Suspension Oscillation with equalizer bar and forward mounted pivot shafts
Track roller frame Monocoque, large section, durable constructionLubricated tracks. Unique dust seals for helping prevent entry of foreign abrasives into pin-to-bushing clearance for extended service.Track tension easily adjusted with grease gun.
Ground pressure   50.0 kPa
Ground contact area   30400 cm2
Number of shoes (each side)


Number of carrier rollers
Number of track rollers (each side)


Coolant & Lubricant Refilling Capacity

Fuel tank   406 ltr
Coolant   82 ltr
Engine   38 ltr
Final drive (each side)​   27 ltr
Damper    1,7 ltr
Transmission, bevel gear and steering system   48 ltr

Operating Weight

Tractor weight   15420 kg, Including rated capacity of lubricant, coolant,full fuel tank, operator & standard equipment
Operating weight     20670 kg, Including angle dozer, multi-shank ripper, FRP canopy (optional)operator, standard equipment, and rated capacity of lubricants,coolant, and full fuel thank


  • Air cleaner, double element with dust indicator
  • Alternator, 35A / 24V
  • Batteries, 2x 12V / 140Ah
  • Blower cooling fan
  • Decelerator pedal
  • Engine hood
  • Working lights (Include 2 front, 1 rear)
  • Mono-lever steering
  • Muffler with curved exhaust pipe
  • Radiator guard door
  • Rear cover
  • ROPS mounting brackets
  • Starting motor 7.5 kW / 24V
  • Seat, adjustable
  • Track roller guard
  • 510 mm single grouser shoe
  • Underguards, oil pan and transmission
  • Wet multiple-disc steering clutch